Please Come join us as we prepare ourselves for EASTER!

Here is the Holy Week Services, from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday.

.خدمات الجمعه المقدسة


 Shout your Praise is a call for everyone to come and join in as we praise God through music and dance.

 Various choirs and individuals will grace this occasion to share their gifts as they lead us all into a time of total praise.

 Hope to see you there!!

 Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact info-line: 71332524.

Celebration & Prayer! - June 2012

On 5th June, Queen Elizabeth II’s diamond jubilee will be celebrated by many individuals and communities throughout the British Isles. The Queen remains one person in the UK who is not afraid to speak publicly of her faith as a Christian and who is deeply respected by many (whatever they think of the monarchy) as a person of great morality, spirituality and integrity. Please pray for the nation that she leads – a nation that has lost its spiritual moorings and is adrift in an ocean of individualism, hedonism and consumerism. Underneath the apparent self-confidence and self-sufficiency of Britons lies a nation of people who need to know that God loves them, At the end of this year Archbishop Rowan Williams will step down as Archbishop of Canterbury and primus inter pares (first among equals) within the worldwide Anglican communion. Please pray for God’s choice of clergyman to follow him in this awesomely responsible post and ministry.

Sorry about the focus on Britain – but thank you to those of many of the nations of St George’s worshippers who are living in UK (and elsewhere in the West) bringing to those Western communities a lively and joyful expression of faithful Christianity that is both vibrant and prophetic. Archbishop John Sentamu, of Ugandan descent, represents many who offer hope in the UK to a nation that has long since lost its spiritual rootedness in Christ and the gospel. +Bill

Dedications and baptisms! - October 2012

During the autumn/Fall we are gladly involved at St George’s in dedicating some infants, baptizing some young children, baptizing youths/adults and confirming some youths/adults! My apologies for those for whom such a variety of approach is too much! We do thank God that he has brought together at St George’s folk from different denominational backgrounds and we do want to facilitate as much as possible people’s responses to the Lord in a variety of ways.

It is wonderful to welcome the newborn children of adult believers into the family of the Lord. For those with a background in covenantal theology baptism of infants becomes the vehicle for that welcome. For others, the dedication to the Lord of their children in an act of thanksgiving allows the children later in life to themselves make up their own mind about the serious step of being baptized. For those baptized as infants, confirmation provides the equivalent of believer’s baptism when an adult/youth makes the commitment for him/herself that was made on his/her behalf at infant baptism.

In the Anglican church, confirmation also constitutes a way of aligning oneself with that particular denomination. I am a person under authority and the only thing I am not allowed to do is to rebaptize. I am so thankful for all the support and encouragement generously given at St George’s to children, youths, adults, families in whatever way they publicly dedicate their lives to the Lord. Thank you all! +Bill

Advent - December 2012

We are very grateful to Bishop Mouneer for joining us at St George’s in early December to launch our Legacy Project.

Our dream is for us to leave a legacy in Tunis, at St George’s, which will aid the development and growth of Christ’s Kingdom here in the years ahead, after we have all left. We believe that the Lord is calling us to establish some facilities on site: that will enable St George’s to offer training in skills of benefit within the local community in Hafsiya; that will enable the gathering here of potential leaders for training and mentoring (both local leaders and leaders within the North Africa Episcopal Area); that will provide some meeting facilities that may be of assistance to the emerging Tunisian Christian community.

Sunday Services

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