Later in the month, many people across the world pause to remember those who have, and still do, suffer through the trauma of war.

In the Northern Hemisphere, as autumn ushers in the end of the year, many people, especially those bereaved in recent times, take the opportunity to remember, before God, loved ones who have died.

Individually we all have a unique set of experiences and memories which help to make us who we are.  But some memories are unhelpful to us, if we choose to brood on them.  One of my medical bosses used to say that we all need a good “forget-ery” as well as a good memory.  Sometimes distressing memories of the past need healing through specialist attention, prayer and the administration of God’s grace

One of the things that can burden us, is the remembrance of our own past sins – even if we know that we have been forgiven in Jesus name.  But the bible assures us that God is not in the habit of recalling those sins that have been forgiven: “For I will forgive their wickedness and will remember their sins no more.” (Jeremiah 31:34),


May all your memories bring you joy, peace, healing and wholeness.

Rev Peter

Our children are not only the church of the future – they are also part of the church of today.  How can we truly be a church family?

Churches often find it difficult to get a right balance in meeting the needs of all their members: young and old, conservative and modern, and from a variety of different church traditions.

Young people are sometimes sent out to their own classes, and never experience what goes on in church.  At other times they are forced to stay through a long service, which they don’t understand and does not meet their spiritual needs.  On other occasions they just play outside during a service and probably distract their parents in so doing.

We have been considering these issues and the right way forward for St George's.  So we are going to try a new system.  1st and 4th Sundays of each month will be much as before: younger members staying in church for the beginning and then going to their classes.  Once a month (usually the 2nd Sunday) there will be an all-age service.  On the other Sunday, children will be invited to stay in for a full service of either Holy Communion or a Service of the Word.

A good all-age service which provides for all members of the church family is a challenge.  So we will be relying on those with experience in this ministry to guide us.

May you know God’s richest blessing as we learn to worship Him together.

Rev Peter

This month we welcome back Balqis to her work in the church office. Balqis has been away on sabbatical for eleven months, living in a Christian community in England. It has been a rich experience for her in many different ways. We pray for her, as she settles back into life and work here once again, and as she brings to our church life something of what she has learnt over the past year.

The month of July sees the anniversary of my ordination. It fell on St Thomas’ day. As the apostle is often referred to as “doubting Thomas”, it struck me as interesting day on which to mark the occasion when one’s decision to respond to the call to follow a particular vocation within Christian ministry effectively comes to fruition.

I wonder which theological terms or ideas you find most difficult to understand. For many people, “The Trinity” probably comes somewhere high on the list - although I once talked to an old man who had been brought up in the church from his childhood, and who claimed to have no problems with the idea of the Trinity at all.

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